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We can acquire your business and then personally take over its operational activities. We will provide you with excellent financial compensation and an attractive exit opportunity.

Birch Faraday will nurture your business and allow it to achieve its full potential.

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Hi, I am Darnell Irozuru

I can offer to acquire your company, and will step in to learn more about your business and industry, manage day to day operations, and help prepare your enterprise for future growth. I can provide you with an attractive financial exit, as well as a succession plan that ensures your business is in good hands and continues to prosper, with your existing team, brand, and relationships intact.

Let's find out if this is the right opportunity for you.

Darnell Irozuru 

Founder & Managing Director

Birch Faraday Capital 

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Investment Criteria


  • Enduringly profitable, small business

  • Established and growing

  • Recurring and loyal customers

  • £1-£4M EBITDA


  • Open to opportunities in all industries


  • UK based

  • No regional preference


  • Want to sell 100% of business

  • Opportunities for value creation

  • Willing to transfer ownership and strategic control​

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How We Create Value in Your Business

Helping You to Succeed


We can grow your revenue through sales, marketing, and strategic initiatives, cost reduction, or M&A transactions.


We can revaluate and reconfigure your capital structure, WAAC or capital intensity.


We can make your business more attractive to investors and grow its valuation multiple.

Investment: Services
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Let's Talk

Email the address below to arrange a call with me:

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Fundraising Support

Investors who wish to finance either the search process or LBO transaction can contact us here:

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